20th Anniversary of HAPW

On 26 October 2016, the Hungarian Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (HAPW) celebrated its 20th anniversary. On this occasion, the Association held a conference and compiled a publication and a video film.

On the conference attended noted Hungarian and foreign speakers and guests representing the health government, the operators of the medicine distribution chain, the relevant regulatory authorities, the partner associations, and all former and current leaders who have made significant contributions to the development of pharmaceutical wholesale trade. 
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Welcome on our website!

Introduction of HAPW

Introduction of HAPW

Welcome to our homepage! Let us introduce our Association to you.

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Regulations of the HAPW

Regulations of the HAPW

The conditions for the operation of the Association are set forth in the HAPW By-laws and Ethics Regulation.

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Member companies

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Hungarian Association of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

Address: H-1118 Budapest, Radvány u. 20/A

Phone/fax: +36-1-309-0248

Phone: +36-1-309-0249

E-mail : php[@]gynsz.hu

Website: www.php-gynsz.hu

Secretary General: István Fáczányi (+36-309-925-771)

Operative and Project Manager: Csilla Hajnal (+36-309-822-489)

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